How To Choose False Eyelashes For Different Eye Shape

How To Choose False Eyelashes

We know that not all eyes look alike, but do you know how many different eye shapes there are? Just like the clothes that look amazing on your best friend may not be suitable for you.

Our guide below explains how to distinguish different eye types and which of the 3D false eyelash styles we recommend will make you look the most attractive. You can also check our product catalog , quickly find your eye shape and the most suitable eyelash style for you.

Find the ideal eyelash style for each eye shape in this article.

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Eyelash Style For Close Set Eyes

How To Choose False Eyelashes

For the close set eyes, lashes with smaller inner corner and larger outer corner it’s best. This style will bring attention to the outer corner of the eyes, creating the sensation of wider and more distant eyes.

Avoid lashes with a very long and bulky inner corner, this will close the look and create the sensation of even closer eyes. Check out our cat eye shape lashes, which will make you most attractive. 

Eyelash Style For Hooded eyes

belle beauty lashes hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are those eyes that have no clear concave shape. The space between the eyelid skin and the movable eyelids overlaps, which means that only fixed eyelids can be seen. In this eye shape, I suggest using round eyelashes, because the increase of the amount of hair in the middle of the round eyelashes can improve the volume of the eyelid center and coordinate this eye shape, making the eyes look more three-dimensional and energetic.

Be careful that there are a lot of eyelashes in the outer corners of the eyes, because it will damage the overall beauty of the eyes, because it will focus all its attention on the outer corners of the eyes, making your eyes look droopy and tired, so avoid wearing fox eyes or cat eyes eyelashes. Check out our BA178 lash styles to get best experience!

Eyelash Style For Down-turned eyes

belle beauty lashes downturned eyes
The down-turned eyes are those where the outer corner has a more downward sloping angle, which naturally leaves the expression looking more tired and drowsy many times. Down-turned eyes are that captivating, vintage-esque shape you see on all of the movie starlets from the 1920s. False eyelashes that are too dense and heavy will only highlight the downturn, so for a more modern look, stick with lashes that are wispy and natural-looking. The ideal eyelash style for this eye shape is the rounded eyelash, With the longest lashes at the center of the eye, they provide a subtle all-over lift to your entire eye and make the expression more alive. Check out our SNG011 lash styles which is super natural with clear band!

Eyelash Style For Deep Set Eyes

belle beauty lashes deep set eyes

For our babes with deep-set eyes, looser curls and longer lengths are key. As deep-set eyes sit further into the eye socket, going for long lashes with a strong curl can cause the eyelashes to come into contact with the brow bone, which can be uncomfortable for your client.

By using a lash such as a 20mm or 25mm lashes without super strong curl you can help bring the eyes out from under the brow bone and open them up.

The ideal for this eye shape is also the eyelash with round style. Use the diagonal style only if the eyebrow is higher and if the tail of eyebrows isn’t drooping. Check out our BH212 lash style to get more surprise

Eyelash Style For Almond eyes

belle beauty lashes almond eyes

The almond-shaped eyes have a slightly raised outer corner, which resembles an almond. They are the easiest to make up and to fit the false eyelashes, because their shape harmonizes well with the lashes with more rounded and diagonal shapes.

It is worth mentioning that not only the shape of the eyes should be observed, but also the shape of the eyebrows, because although the shape of the eye is not dropped, but the eyebrow is, the shape of eyelashes must be revised.

However, you may want to take full advantage of your ability to create the perfect cat-eye. You don’t have any restriction in terms of depth or length it’s basically your choice to do what you want. Check out our best selling DIY LASH EXTENSION which can do by yourself! Super easy to apply and create your unique eye looking! 

Eyelash Style For Round Eyes

belle beauty lashes round eyes

Round eyes are more circular than they are oval-shaped, meaning that they naturally appear more open than other eye shapes. For these eyes, people shouldn‘t choose clear of styles that open up the eye further, avoid round style lashes, as they volumize the center of the eyes, further accentuating their bulky aesthetic.

Instead, aim to elongate the eyes by applying lashes in a Cat Eye style which will also help to avoid a surprised expression and create the illusion of an almond eye. Check out our BZ82 style 15-18mm Attractive Faux Mink Lashes! 

So this is great…now that you know your eye shape and the ideal lash style for you it’s time to try a pair on.

Belle Beauty Lashes are a professional eyelashes supplier who provide private label service. If you have a lash brand or just want to start your lash business, you must heck out our website to know how to get best eyelash vendor! Check out to strat!

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